A Prayer for Peace in Christ

In Christ

Not apart from, not a possession we can somehow trample or misuse. It is found in Him. We enjoy peace in Him. In Hebrew poetry, water was typically a metaphor for chaos. I chose this picture as a reminder that God calms our chaos, sets the boundaries for the waves, and is truly the Sovereign King we long to be in fellowship with.

A Contemplative prayer based on one of Jesus’ promises:

John 16:33  “These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace.  In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.”  

Lord, forgive us for searching for peace apart from You.  We have sought other words.  We have tried the world’s advice, the world’s activities, we have even tried turning Your words into formulas for our own use.  We have tried emptying our minds or being mindful, while forgetting You, while refusing to listen to You. We know You tell us instead to set our minds on You (see here), but we all too often assume we know better, or have found a better word. Forgive us, cleanse us, renew us.

You have created us, body mind and soul–yet we sometimes forget, and think You do not minister to our whole person. We seek peace apart from You when we mistakenly think you care only for our soul. We live in a fragmented world, and we fragment our prayers and our worship and our beliefs. Send out Your Light and Your Truth–that we may let go of the untruths we have filled our mind and conscience with.

Your word never fails, it endures forever, accomplishing what You will to happen (1 Peter 1:24-25; Isaiah 55:10-11). You are good, and You do good–we want to see Your goodness at work in us, in our families, in our communities that are currently marked by unrest and dismay (Psalm 119:68).

You promise peace in the midst of tribulation, and we want that.  We want that for our inner man, for our homes, for the hearts of our loved ones.  We want that.  Especially as we plan for the second half of this crazy year.

We hear You LORD, saying “take courage,” but we shrink back. We look for false comforts and distractions.  We look for experts. Help us to lay those down, to look to You and truly take courage, in You.  Let us walk in that courage, let us walk together in fellowship with Your Body in that courage.

You have overcome the world–such knowledge is too wonderful for us!  We have not dared to live out of that knowledge, we need help for today, help to remember, help to believe.  

Lead us as we turn to Your Word, that we may have peace in You; that we may usher our children into Your true and lasting peace, and foster homes that are sanctuaries of Your peace.

Photo by Nathan McBride on Unsplash

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