How do You Read Your Bible? A Refreshing Guide to Reading the Bible is now available in Kindle or Paperback versions on Amazon.

From the Introductory Chapter:

When starting out in our walk with God, some of us were simply told to read the Bible, and not given much, if any, guidance.  How should I make a start? Which book should I read? Do I need to read the Old Testament, since Jesus came and fulfilled all of that?  Is reading the Bible any different from reading other books? This booklet will be an encouragement for beginning readers on “how to,” but the intent is also to be a refresher for seasoned readers, that you may work through personal assumptions and cultural norms, to enjoy the simplicity and delight that God intended.  

Before you read further, sit with the following questions, answer them.  How do you approach the Scriptures?  What is your attitude toward reading?  Is it habit? Habits can be lovely, nourishing, and good.  Habits, if not stemming from the love of God, can become legalistic, cold, and detrimental to your spiritual well being.  Have you ever wondered if there is a correct way to read Scripture? Have you recognized the different genres among the 66 books, and read each appropriately?  

More importantly, how does God intend for us to interact with Scripture?   This brief booklet will help answer these questions. The first two chapters will look more deeply into our posture toward Scripture, and God’s design for our reading and interacting with Scripture.  The last three chapters will be more instructional, talking about the how and why and when of reading Scripture. We turn now to look at Jesus’ own teaching on the Word, on His Words, and on our need to listen, to read, to remember.  

It is my prayer that this guide would be an encouragement to Christians, that whoever reads it may grow to love His Word more deeply.

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