A springtime prayer

Springtime, a time of renewal, a time to remember God’s promises and look for signs of life that He is working in us, as the new buds open and first flowers appear. He is growing us, pouring life into us as the Vine provides for the branches. We need not strive, this is His work, and to Him we pray:

You know our hearts Lord, and are intimately acquainted with our weaknesses and temptations. You are so patient and gentle with us, may we be patient and gentle too.

Your Words fall down like rain, and distill as the dew. We are thirsty for Your words of eternal life! You are faithful, Your work is perfect, and You will ever be our Rock! (Deut. 32:1-4; John 6:68)

You are good to those who seek You, and who wait for You (Lamentations 3:25), we want to seek You alone, but sometimes our schedules and worries consume our thoughts and we do not. Help us in this Lord. We want to wait for you rather than fretting. Fill us with Your patience and faithfulness–fruits of Your Spirit who dwells in us. We want to see Your goodness, in us and in our families.

As You have promised, so we look to you to lead us and renew Your life in us by Your Spirit (Ephesians 3:16). Lead us into truth that will counter our worries. Take us by the hand and lead us away from our old man when we are tempted to live through the day–doing our tasks–without You (Romans 8). Lead us beside the still waters, refresh our souls.

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