God Remains Steadfast

When my heart is sad, or I cannot think clearly through the remainder of the day, or when I know I’m too weak and selfish to set my heart on the Spirit, my new go-to is turning on Steadfast, by Sandra McCracken.  Hearing my littles sing it with me redoubles the joy trickling into my heart. I am a frail, finite, human; we all are. There is no guilt or shame in admitting I am; I glorify God by finding my life in Him rather than pretending I am strong on my own, or that I have no needs.  He is steadfast.

Good music can be so powerful to help turn our affections and attentions away from self, and toward Christ who is our Life.  And as the meditations of our hearts change, His joy and peace trickle in, and once again I can pray:

“Lead me into the love of God and the steadfastness of Christ”  

(see 2 Thessalonians 3:5) 

And then I can preach to my soul about His steadfast love with which He is ever drawing me closer (see Jeremiah 31), about His compassions that never fail (Lamantations 3), and His hope that ought to anchor my soul.  I can recall the promises of His nearness, His everlasting arms, His hold on me and upholding the whole universe by the Word of His Power. I sing my heart out to this song, on repeat; I muse upon these familiar passages that are written on the tablet of my heart (Proverbs 3), and I breath.

This, beloved, is how we remain steadfast.  By ever running to Him, not by being so strong that we are capable on our own.  We remain steadfast by listening to His voice alone, in His Word alone.  We help one another along through prayer and speaking His words to one another (rather than one yielding to the temptation to vent and the other offering up opinions or self-seeking remedies).  What can we call to mind in these times? He alone has words of eternal life, press into Him, listen, and remain.

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