Snippets of My Book

To celebrate the one year anniversary of publication, I will be reading portions of my book, Deep Simplicity:Meditations on Abiding in Christ. Available for purchase from Christian Focus Publications, or major online retailers (B&N,, Amazon).

To abide is to remain, to rest, to dwell, to be at home. Emily Darnell encourages readers to truly abide in God and His Word, not just to read a couple of verses, but to take time to meditate on it and be nourished. Each chapter will unfold an aspect of abiding, ending with some practices to incorporate in personal worship, or Scriptures to meditate upon to grow deeper in grace, and in knowledge and love of the One who loved you first.

I have selected portions that readers say are their favorites. I hope these are an encouragement to you!

Each chapter ends with a few suggested practices, and this chapter has some of my favorites!

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