A Prayer for our Homes

Part of our calling as beings created in the image of God is to see that in our homes we would cultivate a haven.  While sojourning here, we build homes, plant gardens, and live our day to day lives (Jeremiah 29:4-14) looking not for temporal greatness or wholeness or blessing–but living in light of eternity, seeking the city that is to come (Hebrews 11:13-16) and trusting that Jesus is preparing our true home for us (John 14). Walking through Scriptures such as these can lead to beautiful contemplative prayers, join me to that end:

We confess that our true hope is heaven, and that here we have no lasting source of rest or fortitude.  Even our children walk through this, and it is difficult to watch. Help us, LORD, to turn our homes into a haven that points to You, our true refuge and rest. 

Let us believe that Your presence is all we need, and pass on that contentment and peace to the next generation of believers. Nothing compares to the hope we have in You. May we continually live knowing that we can “be still, cease striving, and know You are God.” (see Psalm 46) 

With everyone You helped during Your ministry on earth, You Lord Jesus felt and showed great compassion.  Keep our hearts soft, that we would always look upon our ourselves and others with Your compassion, that our words and deeds would flow out of Your storehouse of grace and mercy.  

Help us to be quick to listen, to provide a haven where in our fellowship, we can pour out our hearts and find Your help.  Fill us with Your truth, that we may speak life, pour out love and kindness, and share in our true hope. O that our lips would bless You, and be continuously filled with life-giving words. Help us to foster an atmosphere of prayer, that we would pray, without ceasing, together.  

In this haven, help us live with thankful hearts, offering up all our words and deeds to You alone (Colossians 3:16-17). Keep us back from setting up idols in our haven, or of our haven. Amen.

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