A Prayer for Pure Wisdom

Sometimes I grow weary of all the small, repeated ways I know I must continue in  as I mother these children entrusted to me. A prayer for those times, to the God of all endurance:

Father of all wisdom!  With You there is no shadow of turning, I can trust in You to be faithful, unwavering in Your grip on us, and unchanging in Your callings (Romans 11:29) in my life.  I want to build this house with Your wisdom (Proverbs 24:3) and understanding. Help me to be quick to listen, so as to truly understand what help my children need. Fill me with Your knowledge (Proverbs 24:4) that my words and thoughts would be pleasing to You and helpful to my children.  I want to be faithful.  

I know the only true wisdom comes from above, from You.  Guide me as I seek out wisdom for training and helping my children.  Keep me in Your path. Your wisdom is pure, peaceable, gentle, reasonable, full of mercy and good fruits, unwavering…I want this! (James 3:17) I need this.  I know that Your wisdom is pure, not mixed or intermingled with worldly ideas. Guard my heart and mind, to discern what is from You, and what is not. My flesh fails often, forgive me. O that I may we be filled Your Spirit, and the wisdom that comes only from You. I know that in Your mercy You discipline Your children; may my discipline be full of Your mercy as well.

When I grow weary of building this house, of training these children in Your ways, weary of all the ways I am called to be patient and steadfast, fill me with Your strength.  That I may ‘mother’ my children with Your power, striving according to Your power and not my own (Colossians 1:29). Grant me endurance for long days, for the short nights, and all the moments I feel so ill prepared for.   

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