A Challenge and a Prayer

How will you redeem this time? How will you seek solace in your true Refuge?

What will you be doing for the good of your whole being–physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, social well being?

How will you care for others (read Matthew 25:31-56), especially the household of God (see Galatians 6:10)?

Even now, the LORD is saying to His own: seek My face. Will we respond as the Psalmist, “yes LORD!” or will we say “after this Netflix binge, after the dark days of my anxiety clear, after I stick it to the man and gather a crowd around me for a game of…” I enjoy a day of solitude, but I admit this will be a difficult season. The LORD’s people are created for fellowship, we are meant to be a gathered people. We are not forsaken, He is still with us. We will overcome. We will be to the praise of His glory, even in this season of unexpected limitation and unknown outcomes.

This is a great season to list out what you want for your whole being. Pursue Him, discipline your body (1 Timothy 4:7-8), heart, and soul that you may love Him with your heart, soul and might (Deuteronomy 6:4). And pursue laughter, it is still a great medicine!

A contemplative prayer for a complicated season:

LORD, make us sensible!  (Matthew 24, Titus 2) We are living in a time when many are fearful, and many are fighting that fear with ignoring the situation.  But you have called us to be sensible–especially for sake of our homes, our loved ones, our neighbors. We want to believe (John 6:29) and to walk in faith.  We want to be wise, and to walk in wisdom. How can we care for our brothers and sisters in Christ? Our neighbors? Our little ones? How can we do the necessary things in Your peace, in Your strength?  Show us the ways to walk in, and remind us that You are ever with us, going before us, and caring for us and our children in ways we cannot see.  

You told your disciples that life would never be easy, always marked with troubled times (John 16:33).  Fill us with that promised peace, grant that we may enfold others into a peaceful ethos. Fill us with joy in the midst, that we may enjoy these days with our families.  We will look back, and praise You for Your faithfulness!

Oh LORD, may I flourish like a tree planted by streams of water, even this week, this month, this season (Psalm 1:3).  Make me fruitful (John 15:5) as I seek to protect, calm, and encourage my children, my neighbors, my friends. I want to be Your faithful steward!


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