A Prayer to Emmanuel

Emmanuel, God with us.  As God’s image-bearers, we have the honor of continually living this out–being with our families or co-workers or neighbors. It is a blessing to have God’s continual presence, abiding in us; and an equally wonderful blessing to our souls when we live truly present with those God puts around us.  Let us pray together to that end:

Jesus, You are the Prince of Peace–the One who conquers all of our inner turmoil. You came to give us life.  You are the One who has desired to wipe away our tears and cause us to flourish, giving us abundant life.  This season is a mixed bag of Merry days and Weary days. Help us to weep with those who weep, and not spread a false sense of peace.  Help us to cling to the hope we have in You–the hope that You will come again, You will wipe our tears, and welcome us to our perfect home.  

You came down, to be with us, showing us the love of God–help us to be so grounded in Your love that we may be present, in the lives of our children, and neighbors.  

These days are dark days, shine Your light in our hearts, that we may brighten the days for our little ones.  Your coming is truly Good News! Teach us LORD, how to show our little ones to look to You, to trust You, and to know that Your life, Your righteousness, and Your atonement are all we need. 

Help us to slow down, to rejoice in this good news, and to abound in hope (Romans 15:13).  Truly You are our joy–no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in.

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