Send Out Your Light…

Send out Your Light, and Your truth! (From Psalm 43) The next line:  let them lead me!  Pray with me, beloved:

O LORD, we need You to lead us, for Your Name’s sake.  Let Your Light and Your Truth lead us.  May Your people not be led by falsehood, overwhelming emotions, or false hopes.

In this world we suffer so many dark days; days in which evil is not subtle, but wreaks havoc in every direction we turn.  But this is no surprise to You, You remain King. And You give us freedom to act, and that means people can choose to enact their evil desires.  O KING, help us to walk in Your light even now; to shine Your light even now; to work with You to spread Your goodness. 

It is said of Job:  “you admonished many, and you have strengthened weak hands.  Your words have helped the tottering to stand, and you have strengthened the feeble knees.”  We are told in Hebrews 12 to be this for one another.  May we lean on You!  Our Rock, our Strength, our Mighty God; and in Your strength, let us help one another.  

We will not do this by namecalling, by accusing each other of ‘not caring about the right things.’  We will also never be able to eradicate evil from the world we are raising our children in.  But though we face evil and tribulations of all kinds, we do not do it alone.  

You are with us, You are in us; we are Yours.  And we can help and support one another.  You have told us to be ready for every good deed–let us see what good may we may be about here and now, that we may be a light in our communities.  

O Spirit, grant us the wisdom and the words to be a light in our own children’s lives, helping them process, helping them pray, helping them stand firm in the faith, helping them to grow up to become helpers wherever You take them.  

Help us to pray without ceasing, though the world makes us feel as though prayer is fruitless.  Let us stand firm, and work with You towards redeeming our culture, helping the oppressed, weeping with those who weep, pointing others to the hope we have in Christ.  

In this world we will have tribulation, but we take heart–because You have overcome the world, and You will never leave us nor forsake us as we spread Your love and light and truth in the midst of this dark world.   

May we not respond with rash words or actions.  May we “Wait for the LORD; be strong and let your heart take courage (Psalm 27).”  


Photo by Felix Besombes on Unsplash

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