A Prayer to our Only Help

No matter what we face in this world, the LORD is our helper.  We look to Him.  Let us pray that He would help us, and use us as helpers-created-in-His-image, as we train the next generation to both look to Him and join Him in His work:

O LORD, from where does our help come from?  You alone.  This is Your world, though what we see is fallen, broken, hurting.  And right now, we see hatred spreading like wildfire.  Help!

You have created us to be “helpers”  in Your own image.  (Hebrew: Ezer). 

As our only true Helper, You defend us (Exodus 18:4); give us the strength and wisdom to defend our little ones, our neighbors, any You put in our path.  In this world we will have troubling times-but in them, let us feel Your presence, and walk with You.

As Helper You care for the oppressed (Psalm 10:14);  may we care in both word and deed.  Show us how to be light and salt where we live, in our little corner of Your world.  May we teach our children to be less self-centered so they too may care for the oppressed.   

As Helper You support us  (Psalm 20:2); may we support all our fellow mamas, that our communities would be marked by caring and encouragement and support.  Let our children see that we need others, and that we are there for others–that they too may grow to hold others up, strengthen others, and speak out for their friends and neighbors.

As Helper you shield and protect us (Psalm 33:20); we cannot always find the strength to join You in this–we are weak and perplexed.  Grant us wisdom and compassion to see the needs around us.  Grant us strength that we not grow weary.  Show us how, in our homes and neighborhoods, to protect others from evil, from injustice, from knee-jerk reactions that will have far reaching consequences.  Oh LORD, protect us from the evil one as he seeks to devour our homes and communities.

As Helper You comfort us (Psalm 86:17).  LORD, send Your Spirit to fill us with Your true comfort.  I admit I fret when I consider the circumstances our nation faces (though I know fretting leads only to evil, Psalm 37:8).  I look to You, I trust You, You are still good, and still powerful.  I will not trust in my own understanding, I will not trust in modern-day princes or chariots (Psalm 146:3-7).  Open our hearts to receive this comfort, and open doors for us to share this comfort, in word and deed, with those around us.  

Jesus, You are the Light of the World!  The True Light chases away the darkness.  We will walk in Your Light, “as children of the Light” (Ephesians 5:8).  Help us to raise our children to love Your Light.

Photo by Antonio Grosz on Unsplash

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